Talking the talk, speaking the word

You want marketing and copywriting that works for you.  Marketing plans and strategies that provide clear roadmaps and deliverables.  Copywriting that converts browsers into buyers. Then you want your new clients to buy again and spread the good word about you. 

How I can help

  • Marketing to attract
  • Copywriting to connect
  • Project management to make it happen

I work with you to develop a practical marketing plan you can implement and use.  Marketing strategies and marcoms plans that produce measurable, tangible results.  From there, I develop copy to ensure your prospects and customers act on the messages you send out.  And once these people are part of your world, I manage your projects to ensure they remain – long term.  

Remember, it’s not just customers who are looking for your company.  Plenty of other people who can help your business are also searching 24/7 for new innovations and ideas.  It’s crucial your marketing plans and copywriting also identifies with and speaks to them.

Get in touch

Talk to me (I’m a friendly person!) about your next project large or small – naturally this is free of charge without obligation.  No matter where you’re based in the world, we can easily communicate via phone, email, IM or Skype.