The angst of speeding words

Well, here we are folks – the very first blog! 

So, what’s to write about?  Well, a trend I’m observing these days is that people seem to be content with 1 or 2 drafts on their copywriting rather than many.  In the past copy would pass back and forth between client and writer half a dozen times or more before it was signed off.  These days I sometimes have to fight to get the second draft through the gates!  No first draft will ever be perfect, improvement comes with resting the text for a period and then taking a fresh look.

However, the reason I think people are more content with earlier draft copy is the simple fact there is so much more available to read from a myriad of sources than ever before.  Let’s face it, how much of what we read on websites (let alone in papers, periodicals, magazines, reading devices, phones, etc) sticks with us for any length of time?  And to that end, people understand that whilst their website, email (or whatever) is important to them – it’s not the end of the world if it isn’t up to the standard of [Shakespeare/insert name of your revered writer].

We all know what we publish and send out must be legal and accurate, but the key thing is that we actually get it out.  Not spend aeons anguishing about whether the grammar is 100% correct or if the sentence would be better structured another way. 

Naturally, this is a contentious issue for me as a trained copywriter and freelance marketeer.  After all, this is my craft and I will defend it to the hilt.  However, it is actually very rewarding when something I’ve produced is published in days rather months. 

So my feeling is we should take heart and utilise speedy publishing to our advantage.  At the end of the day I believe it’s more important to have got the words published than not.  Get your words out there and move on!