Blogging is the best way to keep people coming back to your website to see what’s new.  And it’s ideal to spread the word about new offers, products or services to create new business.

Everyone has something useful to say.  However, time can be tight or you may not be confident with your English writing skills.  I write blogs in collaboration with clients on topics of their choosing.   Copy is provided on an ad-hoc, scheduled or batch basis – whatever suits you best.

Case study

Business issue: International business needs a monthly blog to share philosophies and working methodologies.  As English is not their first language, I translate their ideas and thoughts into cohesive, grammatically correct copy

Result: Excellent feedback from user community which provokes further collaborative work opportunities

Industry: Leadership development   Client location: Switzerland/Spain

Testimonial: “…She listens carefully about our initial ideas/concepts and provides constructive and valuable suggestions, then she finds the right words to express what we want to say…”  Jue Rosillion, AlleTrust. See full testimonial.

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See also:

Brochures and marketing materials, Case studies, Editing, proofreading and reviewing, Emails and sales letters, Newsletters, Presentations and speeches, Surveys, questionnaires and telemarketing scripts, Web content

Top 5 tips – Blogging

  1. Keep your blogs short and to the point
  2. Make sure your subject matter is topical and relevant to your reader community
  3. Don’t criticise the competition or use your blog as a channel for personal revenge
  4. If you invite comment and receive it, make sure you acknowledge this in future blogs
  5. Enjoy writing it!  If you are bored with what you’re writing about, chances are your audience will be too

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