Brochures and marketing materials

Next to your website, your corporate material is the most important public-facing documentation you produce.  People keep company literature on their desks or coffee tables.  It’s how they judge your organisation and its appearance and content determines whether or not they get in touch.  All brochures should follow a corporate style so your market brand becomes instantly recognisable to the reader.

I’ve helped organisations, large and small, to create their voice.  Messaging and identities their customers recognise and trust, written in a language they understand.  Whether you need a full set of corporate brochures, a one-off product datasheet, sales flyer or mailer – I can help.  I also have links with top quality designers and printers should you need these services.

Case study

Business issue: Following a merger of two companies, the organisation had a disparate set of literature, much of which was out-of-date without a corporate identity

Result:  A full set of corporate literature including brochures, datasheets and emails utilising new branding, graphics and corporate style

Industry:  Hi-tech shielding and testing   Client location: UK

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Top 5 tips – Brochures

  1. It’s an old cliché, but a picture tells a thousand words.  Use graphics and photos wherever relevant and possible
  2. Use white space.  Keep at least 20% of the page ‘empty’ to make the copy easier to read
  3. Draft your copy and then let it rest. Finally edit out approximately 25% of the words – less is more
  4. If you use abbreviations or jargon give the full version/explanation the first time it is used.  Thereafter, use the shorter version
  5. Use the ‘so what’ law ruthlessly.  If the copy can’t stand up to this test, delete it

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