Emails and sales letters

Today, emails are the de facto means of communication for most companies.  But with the amount of spam coming into users’ mailboxes, you have to be sure that yours stands out.  And, for once, size does matter!  Both in terms of the physical size of the email itself and the number of words your communiqué contains.  Unless you grab someone’s attention in the first 3-5 seconds, it is all too likely your email or sales letter will be trashed.  This means you don’t need 5+ pages of detail – just succinct messaging that makes the recipient respond.

Talk to me about how to create your optimum email campaign or sales letters.  I have written communications on a wide variety of subjects including: new releases, end of line, new offers, competitions, first contact, customer surveys, etc.   I use tricks of the trade to ensure emails get into users inboxes not the junk folder, plus specific landing pages to track the success of campaigns.   Your customer and prospect database is one of the most valuable assets you have – why not use it to the best advantage?

Case study

Business issue: The database needed thorough cleaning to begin a sustained email campaign containing updates and offers

Result:  Initial email to clarify addresses containing opt-in options to subsequent mailings.  Campaign continued with monthly emails on a series of related topics linking to specific web landing pages

Industry:  IT  Client location: UK

Talk to me today about your email and sales letters requirements.

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Top 5 tips – Emails and sales letters

  1. Keep your copy short, sharp and to the point
  2. Size matters.  Keep emails small and letters short
  3. Make sure everyone in your organisation is aware of the campaign so they can handle enquiries appropriately
  4. Always remove people’s details from your database if they unsubscribe.  If you don’t, you’re sending out spam
  5. Make sure your offer is mentioned in the heading/subject line and is explained in the first paragraph

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