Marketing communications

You have your plans in place, now you need to get your message out there.  One problem, you don’t have the time or resources to do it!  Backlog of work, additional projects, staff sickness or other issues are stopping you producing your marcoms materials and promoting your product or service.

I have over 20 years experience in every facet of marketing communications.  At whatever stage you need help in your marketing communications planning or execution, I can help.  Areas include: branding and identity creation, writing copy, agency liaison, event organisation, managing advertising, e-marketing, email campaigns and more! 

Case study

Business issue:  Lack of manpower to create and manage a marcoms launch of the latest version of a software product

Result:  In 2 months an integrated delivery of brochures, web pages, emails, partner and internal communications, customer letters and technical documentation, all utilising a new identity created for the product

Industry: IT    Client location: UK/worldwide

Testimonial: “…She came on board and picked up the project immediately and went the extra mile to ensure everything was ready for launch date. … I am happy to say we launched on the specified date, successfully and professionally…”  Read full testimonial.

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Top 5 tips – Marketing communications

  1.  Make a list of everything that is required at the start of a project
  2. Ensure you have a clear identity and message throughout all elements
  3. Use your materials for a sustained period.  Unless you’re Apple, your sales are likely to grow over time rather than all appear on the first day
  4. Repeat your message.  For example, emails often get overlooked the first time and are only read on the 2nd or 3rd delivery
  5. Always include an option to sign up for further information – the bigger your database of interested parties, the more likely you are to make a sale

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