Marketing strategies and plans

Without a marketing plan, the best business idea in the world won’t work.  Strategies and plans provide a factual roadmap of what to do when, ensuring your hard work and company funds are put to best use.

You’re busy concentrating on what you do best – whether it’s developing your business, creating your product or promoting your service.  So it makes sense to use an expert to create your marketing plans.  Use my 20+ years of practical experience of writing and implementing b2b and b2c marketing strategies and plans for your next project.

Case study

Business issue: Author and self publisher had many ideas to market their book, but lacked the time to put them into a cohesive plan to present to book distributors

Result: A template marketing plan the client can tailor for individual requirements

Industry: Publishing  Client location: USA

Testimonial: “… she quickly grasped that what I needed was someone to translate my ideas onto paper…” Penny Holguin, Author and Owner.  See full testimonial.

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Top 5 tips – Marketing planning

  1. Make sure the plan focuses on what you need, eg. Don’t commission 2 weeks of market research if you already know your target market
  2. Keep your plans realistic – we all want to be in the top 5 Google search list, but without budget, this isn’t always possible
  3. Spend time doing your planning up front – it provides clear focus for future activity
  4. Don’t get bogged down with the jargon.  Academic hypotheses and charts serve a purpose, but what you need is a practical plan you can use
  5. Use your plan.  You spent good money on this document – it’s not much use if it gathers dust thereafter

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