What you do is of interest to your clients, partners and suppliers.  And if you don’t tell them, how are they going to find out?  Newsletters are the quick and easy way to provide updates on all facets of your business.  Whether you’re promoting the latest offer, announcing new releases, welcoming new clients or running a competition; this is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach your prospects and customers.

I have many years experience in writing newsletters for customers, partners and employees.  Working with marketing departments or external agencies I can talk to suppliers, customers, staff and partners to pull together articles and stories.  I am happy to produce  e-newsletters or work with your agencies to produce a printed copy.

Case study

Business issue: The organisation’s clients and partners were unaware of its new developments, enhancements and product releases which resulted in lost sales to the competition

Result:  Bi-weekly email containing 5 link-through topics to the newsletter hosted on the website.  According to survey, this resulted in a 50%+ increased awareness of the client’s offer set

Industry:  IT  Client location: UK

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See also:

Blogs, Brochures and marketing materials, Case studies, Editing, proofreading and reviewing, Emails and sales letters, Presentations and speeches, Surveys, questionnaires and telemarketing scripts, Web content

Top 5 tips – Newsletters

  1. If you say you’re going to do a newsletter, do it.  Too many organisations start with good intentions but quickly lose impetus and stop production after the 2nd or 3rd issue
  2. Use a theme where appropriate, eg. if you sell greeting cards your newsletter could contain stories about the seasons and then follow up with offers and new arrivals
  3. If you’re doing a client story with quotes, make sure you gain approval before you go to print/send it out
  4. Always remove people’s details from your database if they unsubscribe.  Failure to do so annoys customers which could lead to loss of business
  5. Provide information that will be of value to your readers.  Launching widget 107.2.ABZ may be fascinating to you – but will anyone else care?

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