Presentations and speeches

When you give a presentation or speech you need to make an impact.  You want the audience to leave the room having learnt something new.  Most importantly, you want them to take the actions you suggested.  And, as you are usually one of several speakers, it’s vital that your message is the one that remains in people’s minds at the end of the day.

My firsthand experience of giving speeches and presentations means I know what should and, more importantly, should not be included.  Long gone are the days of 70+ slides crammed full of clipart and text.  Knowledge is key: and, in terms of content, you need to be aware of the audience, their knowledge level and how to deliver the result – be it a physical or web-based presentation.  I can advise and help you with all of these elements.

Case study

Business issue:  A lack of resources to create a presentation to be used at a webinar to educate attendees on the benefits of utilising the latest social marketing techniques

Result:  Thoroughly researched presentation of 15 slides, covering social and viral marketing techniques.  A full briefing of the presenter and provision of notes to assist with the event

Industry: Social marketing  Client location: USA

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Top 5 tips – Presentations and speeches

  1. Have a maximum of 6 text bullets per slide
  2. Unless you are a natural, don’t force humour into your speech or presentation
  3. Make it clear up front whether you would like questions as you go along, or at the end.  Always respond to every query, taking a note of those you have to check out and get back to the person who asked it
  4. Research your audience to ensure your speech or presentation is relevant and useful, aimed at the correct knowledge level
  5. Practice, practice and practice again before presenting/speaking.  Do this with other people and using any equipment required on the day to ensure you have your words and timeframe down to pat

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