Project and launch management

Weaving together the threads that make up a project is a complicated job.  Someone needs to keep track of the myriad of tasks allocated to the project team, ensure key milestones are met, know exactly what’s going on at any given time and be sure that the overall project is on track or if there is anything falling behind.

Often the issue is finding the necessary resources and knowledge to successfully manage the project when your regular staff are deployed elsewhere or overloaded with other tasks. 

This is where I can help.  I can step in and manage your project or launch effectively and efficiently.  Having worked as a project manager for over 15 years I can ensure the milestones and deliverables are met – within given timeframes and to budget. 

Case study

Business issue: A project manager was quickly required to manage a software product launch from start to finish

Result:  A successfully managed 4-month project  that included: beta testing, marketing materials production, staff and partner communications and training, technical documentation, customer and PR relations and international departmental liaison

Industry:  IT security software Client location: UK

Testimonial:  “…Her experience was evident from the level of detail she provided to ensure everyone … was kept abreast of the project status. Reports arrived on time, deadlines were met and all departments knew exactly when they had to deliver…” Matt Fisher, Director of Marketing.  Read full testimonial.

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Top 5 tips – Project management

  1. List every single task that needs accomplishing, no matter how small, and update your project file regularly as new tasks appear and existing ones are completed
  2. The amount and frequency of communications is key – too much overwhelms people, too little and they don’t know what’s going on
  3. Try to prevent rather than cure.  If you can see a problem area arising do what’s necessary to resolve the issue as soon as possible
  4. Juggling tasks is almost a prerequisite to this role, but you also need to know how and when to prioritise
  5. Delegate when appropriate.  Not only does this involve other people and give them ownership, it also frees up your time to concentrate on the most important issues at hand

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