Editing, proofreading and reviewing

No matter how many times you read through documents, you can miss errors.  And it’s frightening the amount of material that still gets published which contains basic mistakes.  Just think about web pages you’ve visited recently, how many of them were 100% right?   Badly written documentation at best looks careless, or at worst could lead to law suits due to misunderstandings.

It always pays to have a fresh pair of eyes to read your copy.  I work with clients, many of whom don’t speak English as their first language, to ensure their final text is accurate and factually correct.  From proof reading web content to instruction manuals, editing  book text and reviewing existing materials, I can help.

Case study

Business issue:  A hotel chain had a disparate set of datasheets written in English by non-native English speaking staff.  The quality of the resultant text and content varied widely across the 200+ documents

Result:  A complete review of all documentation, including editing and proofreading, to provide the client with a cohesive and uniform style of writing in grammatical English

Industry:  Hotels Client location: Spain/worldwide

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See also:

Blogs, Brochures and marketing materials, Case studies, Emails & sales letters, Newsletters, Presentations and speeches, Surveys, questionnaires and telemarketing scripts, Web content

Top 5 tips – Editing, proofreading and reviewing

  1. Be clear about what you want – editing, proofreading and reviewing are very different tasks
  2. Provide clear and accurate guidelines at the start of the project.  Include glossaries, explanations of abbreviations, language and punctuation requirements
  3. Give several examples of house styles to help the editor/proofreader/reviewer become familiar with your writing requirements
  4. Don’t take suggestions or deletions personally.  You are receiving impartial advice that should help your document be more readable and usable
  5. Don’t move the goalposts half way through the project!  You’ll probably end up spending more money to receive text you don’t much like

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