Surveys, questionnaires and telemarketing scripts

Getting feedback from your target market is one of the most useful ways of gathering valuable data.  This information helps you with future business planning such as: product roadmaps, customer retention schemes, offers – you name it and your customers will give you data for it.  The judicious use of telemarketing scripts, questionnaires and surveys will provide indispensable insider knowledge that helps you produce the products and services your customers want.

I have written data collection tools  for clients in many industries ranging from simple 5-question customer satisfaction surveys to 30 minute in-depth telephone questionnaires.  And it’s not only the scripts that need writing.  The main key to a successful campaign is the training and provision of knowledge to those who have to ask the questions.  I can devise your communication, help train your staff and advise on the best ways of storing, utilising and reporting on the information obtained.

Case study

Business issue:  A lack of internal knowledge to build a telemarketing questionnaire for cold calling purposes was impeding business growth

Result:  3 x telemarketing scripts following a clear path to the goal of making an appointment with the decision maker.  Objection handling sheets, cold calling optimisation skills and prospect list sources also provided.

Industry: Online ordering software  Client location: UK

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Top 5 tips – Surveys, questionnaires and telemarketing scripts

  1. Know exactly what it is you want to achieve from your questionnaire and ensure your script accomplishes this aim
  2. Use a mixture of open and closed questions to keep the conversation flowing
  3. Decide the amount of times you want to attempt to make contact and stick to this limit
  4. Provide thorough training to everyone who will be making the calls.  Don’t force people to do it if they don’t want to, their calling results will be poor
  5. Make sure the script lasts as long as you say it will.  If you say ‘Can I take 5 minutes of your time?’, stay within this timeframe or ask them if it is convenient to continue the conversation when your time’s up

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