The client’s view

Here’s what some of my clients have been kind enough to say about me.  If it works for them, it can work for you too.  Get in touch to talk about your next project.

FrontRange Solutions

“We hired Abby as the project manager for one of our major product launches.  I was very impressed with how quickly she got to grips with our software and project requirements.  Her experience was evident from the level of detail she provided to ensure everyone (both internally and externally) was kept abreast of the project status. Reports arrived on time, deadlines were met and all departments knew exactly when they had to deliver.  I recommend Abby to any company who needs a competent and efficient project manager.”

Matt Fisher, Director of Marketing
Location: UK


“We enjoy working with Abigail. Her writing style and experiences answer very well to our company’s needs. Abigail and our team work collaboratively to accomplish our writing jobs. She listens carefully about our initial ideas/concepts and provides constructive and valuable suggestions, then she finds the right words to express what we want to say. Sometimes a text needs to be corrected, rewritten two or three times, she is very patient with us. She perseveres in providing a final version that we are happy with.  With this opportunity, we would like to thank her for all that she did.”

Juan Jose Salamanca, Founder
Location: Switzerland


“When we needed to organise a product launch in 8 weeks I didn’t think we would get everything done in time. However, at that point, I hadn’t met Abby! She came on board and picked up the project immediately and went the extra mile to ensure everything was ready for launch date. This required her to co-ordinate with development and support teams, worldwide offices and management plus a host of partners and customers – all from a standing start. I am happy to say we launched on the specified date, successfully and professionally.

After this initial launch, she managed many other successful launches and projects for Clearswift. If you need a project delivered on time, to budget – talk to Abby.”

Greg Hampton, former Vice President of Marketing; General Manager NA Operations
Location: USA


“The direct marketing articles Abigail has written to help our clients are packed with useful and practical information they can use.  Many of our clients are SMEs who can’t afford their own marketing departments, so this information is particularly valuable.  Abigail always delivers on time, to budget, and I am happy with the service she provides.”

Rainer Calandri, Director
Location: Germany & Switzerland

VOIP Monitor

“I worked with Abigail when I needed competitor research, copywriting and a partner program for my start up business.  I am happy with the work she completed and have used all of her output to great effect on my website.  If you need someone who can deliver, I recommend you talk with Abigail.”

Thomas Reisinger, Owner
Location: Bahamas

Charmers Press

“I contacted Abigail when I needed help devising my marketing plan. It was her good idea to speak for free with Skype. Although there was an 8 hour time difference between us, it was never a problem. I found her easy to talk to and she quickly grasped that what I needed was someone to translate my ideas onto paper.  She delivered the plan in a timely and professional manner. I would definitely use her again!”

Penny Holguin, Author and speaker: “Sarah O’Hara Gift of the Fairy Wings”
Publisher: Charmers Press
Location: USA

My Personal Web Course

“Abigail & I have been working together now for over 9 months.  She has provided me with copywriting for my website and articles as well as marketing consultancy and advice on a number of projects.  I am really happy with the service I receive and would recommend her to anyone looking for practical and affordable marketing or writing services.”

Arto Steiner, Owner
Location: Brazil & Switzerland

Making a Will

“When creating my website, Making a Will, I needed a copywriter who could really get to grips with the complex subject of will writing in the UK.  I am happy to say that Abigail did this job extremely well and the result is just what I wanted.  In fact, her use of high search volume keywords in the text helped the site reach a peak of position 7 in Google’s search rankings for my main target term. I would definitely use her services again in the future.”

John Crossland, Owner
Location: UK

Medical Benefit Fund of Australia

“Abigail project managed several key projects for MBF’s corporate sales and marketing department. Particular projects included implementing a new contact management system across our national sales force and managing the migration of circa. 20,000 members to new products and rates over a 3 month period.  Abigail also wrote and designed sales presentations and prepared tender responses.  A strong networker, she was efficient and diligent in managing these projects through to completion.  I highly recommend Abigail’s services to other organisations.”

Sally Bryett, Former Corporate Marketing Manager
Location: Australia

Consumer e-commerce site (under construction)

“Abigail has provided me with marketing consultancy and copywriting services since 2008.  She has defined the marketing strategy for my business and provided copywriting for the site and other projects.  As well as providing practical and honest advice, she always stays within my budget.

I am very happy to have found Abigail to work with as she truly cares about my work.  Although English is not my first language we have always been to able communicate well and even have some laughs too.  I recommend her to anyone starting up their own website that needs professional marketing advice and help.”

Sacha Lin, Owner
Location: Switzerland


“Our FOREX and trading site needed sharp, punchy phrases for the pages with more detailed instructions for our trading software. Abigail delivered both these requirements quickly and professionally with great attention to detail. I am happy to recommend her copywriting skills to other businesses.”

E.B., Marketing Director
Location: UK


I have been using Abigail for my marketing and copywriting projects since early 2009. Amongst other tasks she has carried out research, produced my marketing plan, written website pages, adverts and other copy. The quality of her work met my expectations and she always delivered on time. She makes a lot of effort to ensure she totally understands my industry and requirements, which is important as my first language is not English. It has been a pleasure working with Abigail and I would have no hesitation in using her again for projects in the future.

Tobias Hartmann, Owner
Location: Germany